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The Last Summer of Ada Bloom

'Like a tide, Murray’s writing lets itself swell with detailed observations, before releasing in short, almost biting sentences. This book is both languid and thorny, and Murray walks that tightrope expertly.
With a keen eye for summer’s languor and danger, and a sharp ear for the wonder, doubt, and longing in each of her character’s voices, Martine Murray has written a beguiling story about the fragility of family relationships, about the secrets we keep, the power they hold to shape our lives, and about the power of love to somehow hold it all together.'


‘Murray’s storytelling is so fresh and beguiling that, for a moment, we feel this is great wisdom heard for the first time.’
The Times

How To Make a Bird

How to make a bird

Mannie is escaping – from small town life, from family mysteries, from grief, from her fragile former self; she’s heading for the city in search of an elusive ‘something’ to make herself feel right.

A YA novel of rare sensitivity, whimsical humour and revelation.

Winner Queensland Literary Award.

The slightly true story of Cedar B Hartley

The Slightly True Story of Cedar B Hartley

A funny, tender and wise story about nearly-13-year-old Cedar B. Hartley – ‘exasperating and potentially infamous’ – who loses her dog, finds a new friend, becomes an acrobat, and learns some bitter-sweet truths about family, community and herself.

A captivating debut novel by a distinctive new writer.

Shortlisted CBC award, Victorian and NSW Premier’s Award. Listed in White Ravens international list of outstanding children’s book.

The slightly bruised glory of Cedar B Hartley

The Slightly Bruised Glory of Cedar B Hartley

The second touching chapter in the life of Cedar B. Hartley, who plans to be infamous. Cedar’s world turns upside down when her almost-boyfriend, Kite, moves to Albury to join a professional circus. Cedar B. Hartley – the original, irrepressible, and potentially infamous – is pulled between a glamorous high-flying dream and her own circus of friends, in this funny, wise, exhilarating story.

Winner of Queensland Premier’s Award.

Molly and Pim and the Millions of Stars

Molly and Pim
and the Millions of Stars

‘Molly and Pim is wild, whimsical and wonderful. It makes you fall in love with the world and everyone in it.’
Sally Rippin

‘A beautiful magical story, full of surprises and brimming with wisdom.’
Karen Foxlee

‘Open-hearted and magical—an utter delight.’
Rebecca Stead

Marsh and Me Cover

Marsh and Me

‘This is a story of an unlikely friendship, a common theme in children’s books, but one that feels refreshing due to how nice these children are. Martine Murray captures sadness without wallowing in it…Joey and Marsh’s story is both reassuring and encouraging for children aged eight and up.’
Books + Publishing

‘Marsh and Me is a stirring coming-of-age story with a wonderful main character. Murray is a master of telling gentle stories, exploring the small worries and victories of daily life, revealing magic in the mundane.’

Henrietta and the Perfect Night

Henrietta and the Perfect Night

The first three Henriettas were explosions of delicious words and rompish ‘explorifications’. She tantalised us with her capricious adventures and exhilarating observations; Henrietta’s world was teeming with hullaballoos!

This time around things seem a little tamer, maybe the real madness started when she became a big sister. In this prequel, Henrietta has to have patience because mum is cooking a baby and sadly it is going to take longer than a baked cake. Still, there are other things to occupy her like starting school and meeting her soon-to-be best friend, Olive Higgie.

If you haven’t met Henrietta before, start with this one and then in April you will really get to experience the most marvellous madness that is Henrietta as the first three books are being re-issued in one volume (Henrietta, the Greatest Go-Getter). They are perfect for anyone 5 and up who likes ‘exhillperating’ dilemmas and magical thinking.

Henrietta The Greatest Go Getter

Henrietta: The Greatest Go Getter

'Hello everybody, it’s me, Henrietta. I have a bathtub for sailing in, and a HUGE amount of discoveries to discover. And if anyone tells you I make things up, you better believe it.’

Three hilarious Henrietta adventures together in one big book will make perfect reading for young children and anyone else with a curly imagination.

There's No One Better

I’m Henrietta P. Hoppenbeek the First. I have a baby brother, two white mice, a chocolate-coloured dog, a woolly mammoth, two long green socks with toes, one pickle-eating best friend, a bathtub for sailing in, and definitely a huge HUGE amount of discoveries to discover… And if anyone tells you I make things up, you better believe it.
- Henrietta

Henrietta The Greatest Go Getter

The Great Go-Getter

Hello everybody, it’s me, Henrietta (future Queen of the Wide Wide Long Cool Coast of the Lost Socks), and my brother Albert, who dribbles and dribbles (but he can’t help it), and my best friend Olive Higgie (who has been known to eat pickles). And we’ve got an EMERGENCY DILEMMA to attend to. We absolutely have to find a home for the Rietta because it’s lost and its spots are fading…

Henrietta gets a letter

Gets A Letter

The third fabulous Henrietta story. When Henrietta sets a trap for ‘something’ under her bed, she finds a teeny tiny person with wings. It’s Mabel May Hissop, a fairy with boyfriend trouble. With Mabel’s special silver key and an invitation to the Big Bunch of Small Creatures Ball, Henrietta opens the door to a very sparkly adventure.

Mannie and Long Brave Day

Mannie and the Long Brave Day

Mannie is going on an adventure. She’s taking her favourite elephant Lilliput and her doll Strawberry Luca. And she hasn’t forgotten her special box of secret things, just in case the adventure gets adventurous…

A magical story that celebrates friendship, courage and the wonder of a child’s imagination.

Short listed PrimeMinisters Award.

A Moose Called Mouse

A Moose Called Mouse

A gloriously intriguing, unusual book about the magic of night, the wonder of each new day, and the joy of true and special friends.

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